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So I purchased a 500gb wd passport drive. Super easy to start up, has the cloning software right on it, but I'm curious about what it decided to clone. First backup found 139.41 gb of data to back up. That was from a 300gb velociraptor (279.5gb useable I think) that only had 44.3gb free on it. I'm sure this makes sense, it just doesn't to me yet as this is my first back up drive.

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  1. Perhaps the WD software zips or compresses the data.
  2. Are you trying to back up Windows or the whole drive. If you bought the Passport as a windows back up then you just set the option in windows to back up your data and it will do so automatically and it doesn't neccissarily use the exact same amout of space , it uses certian data for its backup function. If your intention is to backup everything then you might need a larger drive for that.
  3. My thought was with a 300gb drive and a new 128gb ssd, a 500gb backup would be enough. I guess what I'm planning to do right now is leave the hdd in tact and run as my non-boot drive. I'm going to install windows 7 on my ssd and BF3 and the new Star Wars MMO on there if it's ever released as well. At some point I suppose if my ssd seems stable, I'll delete windows vista off of my hdd.

    I wish I knew when my passport just copied over the in the 139.41gb of the 230gb or so that is actually on my hdd. I guess I'll have to browse manually when it's done copying.
  4. I don't seem to be able to see/find what's on there?
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