How to remove u3 from sandisk

I plug in the flash drive and get all this U3 stuff. How do I remove it from the flash drive.?? I have tried using the settings and removal process from the flash drive but I get an error message telling me that it can only remove one. It keeps telling me I have two ??
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  1. There are several ways - none of them are convenient. The software is stored on a very tiny partition and most of the ways will not give you that space. That is, though there are several ways to remove the program, very few of those ways will remove that tiny partition and let you use the entire drive as one partition. It's been a while since I've done it, but try this first:
    I think that will work, but it will reformat your drive so make sure you back up your data first. If it doesn't work, post again and I'll look for another option.
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