AMD Phenom 945 only runs at 779 Mhz

hi all..... first post, read alot of great advise before!!
ok mate (since moved) built me a pc 6months ago and i just did my first form/inst of XP as i read every 6 months is recomended, taken longer than i expected but i guess gets easier with time?????. first problem was my gpu would not be recognised,(except in "device manager") i loaded latest driver! but after taking the card out and cleaning working fine now. After i was running through System info (coz pc is slower than before) i noticed my Phenom 945 was running at 779 Mhz -
-downloaded "test my hardware" free software and this confirmed 779 Mhz
-read if i update BIOS would fix, so i did but same.......779- checked BIOS update worked and it has .....
so my question is there a box i need to check or a bar i need to fill after bios update so i can run the cpu at the 3Ghz i paid for??

-AMD ph 945
-Zotac 275GTX
-Asus M4N72-E
-4 Gig Ram
-Toughpower QFan 850w
-4 x 500 gig WD HDD

Thank you in advance to anyone taking the trouble to help speed me back up!!

am loving the BFBC2 Beta and i'm sure the 4 x cpu speed will help my FPS
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  1. There's nothing wrong with your CPU - it's going into a slow, low-power mode when it's not needed for anything crazy. AMD call it Cool n Quiet.

    Make sure that as part of your reinstall you download the Cool n Quiet drivers and any CPU patches for Windows XP from the AMD website and it'll all run fine.

    Seriously though, really DON'T reinstall every 6 months. All you're gonna do is run the risk of losing something and making Microsoft suspicious as to why you're activating the same XP serial number twice a year.

    I've not reinstalled in 4 years and it's still smoothly. It's better to learn how to manage your system than just junk it up and start over, especially when you get into situations like this where your mate's obviously not told you everything you need to know and you've gone and wiped your system.
  2. oh that is good news and i understand your points i was unaware bill kept tabs on install no# per year/ and i kept getting this virus report sometimes 5 times in 10 secs so i thought, wow wish i could maintain a pc that long! ........... anyway i am very much the nooob so

    Thanks alot!!
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