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Okay so buying the following box set up as you can see it runs a 300w psu and im looking to purchase a ati rad 4670 i under stand a upgraded psu would probably be the best bet but right now im just wondering if that box will handle that card or if the psu is just gonna pop out.
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  1. I can't say for sure but the card itself will use roughly 50-70 watts of power - too risky if you ask me.
  2. can any one recomend a 400w that would work on that system and be easy to install to be honest psu's are bye far the thing i know the least about.
  3. why go for a 400w psu when you can buy a Ultra LSP650 [650w] for cheaper on sale, I would grab this faster than lightning if I were you.

    it's currently 38$ - regular price is 99.99$

    As for installing the PSU - it's all the same - just remember which connectors goes where - take notes or pictures if it's your first time, just to be safe xD
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