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recently I bought a bunch of case fans and a laptop cooler pad with hopes of connecting all the molex connector and powering them up with a 12v molex ac/dc converter. I got all the necessary mats for my laptop cooler but the molex connectors cant run a train on each other like my case fans from my desktop. the fans have a 3 pin connecter and a two prong molex connection. is there any way i could just cut off all the molex connecters and attach all the black and red wires together (color coordinated) and power them up? also there is a third yellow wire stopping at the three pin connection my step dad who is an electrition was wondering what it is, any ideas?
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    The yellow wire is the rpm monitor cable, but yes, you can daisychain all the positives together, and then wire the ground wires together,
    just observe the maximum amp load on the converter you are using
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  3. Glad to help man, get sorted ok?
  4. Yep thanks again man.
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