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i have the pump, rez, block, and rad. the below pictures show the setup. what is the optimal way to route the hose to maximize fluid travel, cooling, and ability to remove air from the system?

here you can see the rad in the front door, the dual bay rez, the pump at the bottom, and the block. i was thinking of maybe flipping the rad upside down and running from the rez - pump - rad - block - rez. what do we think?

my largest concern right now is when i rebuild this thing i have to pick up the comp (which weighs 145Lbs) flip it end over and to try and push the air out of the system and when the air hits the pump it stops sucking soo... im just looking for a more optimal system and perhaps a better way to do things.
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  1. Your computer weighs 145lbs. 0_o
  2. yes, it weighed 125 upon most of the pictures being taken but ive added 5HD's since then and a second blue ray burner. pic of its weight on its original build date 2 years ago.
  3. Is there a decimal point missing there?
    My rig weighs about fifty kilos hehe and thats more than enough, your case doesn't look big enough to weigh that :P
    As for loop order, I would have the pump straight after the res,
    it makes life easier priming the pump and means the pump lives longer, its job is easier to do
    and for tilting etc to bleed, just roll the Pc on one edge, rather than lifting it, I used to lay mine on its side for ten minutes and run, then the back, then normal and alternate that to ensure all air was out, I can't do that anymore though
  4. aight, ill switch it around. im thinking of buying compression fittings to replace my fatboy fittings and zip ties i currently use. we shall see
  5. Comps make for a tidy finish, I look forward to updated pics in the wet gallery when you're finished :-)
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