Copy all the drivers while formatting

is there any option to copy or take bakup of all the drivers before formatting a desktop and if your answer is yes....then kindly tell me how.....?????
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  1. I have seen some software that does this but you are best off by taking a inventory of your parts and going to the manufactures web site for the latest drivers be sure you have the motherboard chipset driver and your network interface cards driver as long as you are able to go online you can get the rest.

    P.S. windows update is helpful getting drivers as well.
  2. You can use third-party utilities to back up your drivers.

    These are two of the many.

    Please note I have not used these programs. You have to see for yourself if they are to your satisfaction.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Driver Genius is a good program to back up and download the latest drivers for any system that it will run on.
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