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Hello guys,

I have a Cooler master hyper 212 plus paired with Cooler Master Xtraflow fans in push/pull with my Phenom II x4. I also have a Corsair 400R case with the following fans:

1 120mm CM Blademaster PWM fan (21.2 - 76.8 CFM)
1 120mm Scythe Slipstream 1900 RPM fan (110 CFM)
4 120mm Cooler Master Blue LED 90 CFM fans
3 Corsair 44.2 CFM fans

Please let me know which fans should be setup as intakes and which ones as exhausts for an ideal airflow inside my case.
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  1. Doesn't really matter, though I would put the silent fans in the front and the louder ones on the top etc.
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