New to Overclocking, need help with cooler choices.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to start OCing my PC and i was just wondering what Aftermarket cooler i should get for my i7 970,
I live in australia and im looking to spend about $80 - $120.

here is some more info about my setup:
~NZXT Phantom Case
~Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Motherboard (rev 2.0)
~Saphirre 6970 Flex Edition (dont judge)
~12GB 1600mhz G-skill RipJaws 9-9-9-24 triple channel (3x4GB)

im looking at doing just moderate Over Clocking i cant get the actual numbers at the moment because im at work but i wont be thrashing it too hard, i just want to pump out a bit more power.

I've been looking at a few different ones prices include shipping:
~Frio OCK CPU cooler - $103.02
~Corsair Hydro Series H60 - $113.22
~Noctuna NH-D14 CPU cooler - $110.16
~Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU cooler - $72.42
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  1. XSPC Rasa Rs240 Kit.
  2. ^ price?
    and where can i find it to get it to australia, or better yet can i get it in australia? and would it fit?
    I get my stuff through PCCaseGear, they only really have mainstream basic cooling units like corsair and antec.
  3. Then i would need to buy coils/tubes and coolant right?
    Also, how much of a difference will it make getting that over the corsair unit and would it be necessary?
    Because price plays a fairly big part in my purchases as you can see with most of my hardware.

    i could probably go up to about $150 including postage to my town :/
  4. All of that stuff comes with it :) Just buy some distilled water which costs about $2 BTW which cpu are you trying to cool? But trust me, it is worth it going custom.
  5. Intel i7 960 socket 1366. Also how often do you have to change distilled water?
    cheers, ill look into the RS240. depends on how much it'll cost me for shipping.

    Also i forgot to ask, how does water cooling go with transporting your Pc?
    Is it something you'd only get if your going to keep your Pc in one place?
    Id like to be able to take it to LANs and whatnot without getting water all up in my goodies..
  6. I might have to read that again tommorrow so i can take it all in.
    Very good reference though! i think i might go with the RS240 and then just read up on it for a few more days, then attempt to install it.

    Although i still dont completely understand 'setting loops' would it be better to keep the tube long or shorter?

    And i can understand why he would say Water cooling is more or less a hobby, i can see the desire to do it much like building your own PC and tinkering with it.
    Sounds like ill need to sell a few organs first though.

    To add to that, how bad will it stick out from my case? i had a look last night at the interior and i have a strange feeling i wouldnt be able to achieve this unless i cut out a few HDD bays.

    Reference picture:
    This isnt mine but same case, my GPU is a lot bigger but thats about it.

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