New upgrade BSOD. Need Help.

I just upgraded my mobo, cpu and ram. I can boot to BIOS fine, but the second I get to a windows symbol I get BSOD. I tried booting into safemode and had the same problem which leaves me to believe its not drivers. This is my upgrade.

ASUS P6TD Deluxe
i7 920
OCZ Platinum 1600

Please help me with any advice...I am rather worried about my new parts. I have set the RAM down to 800 and 1026. I am at a loss.
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  1. Make your to set your ram to the right volts
  2. Do you mean you moved your hard drive over to a new motherboard and kept your existing Windows installation?

    Virtually any time you install a new motherboard, you're going to have to reinstall Windows. Otherwise, you'll end up with crippling device driver conflicts that cause exactly the kinds of problems you're describing. A new motherboard trying to run with the old motherboard drivers still installed is going to cause issues.

    If that's not what you did, I apologize and didn't mean to come off as condescending ... just your description left that part open to interpretation.
  3. I completely agree with capt_taco. Based on your post, it sounds like you're trying to use your existing Windows installation from an old HD. That rarely works at all. If it does work then you'll have problems. You're going to need to do a fresh install if you haven't already.
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