Ssd without a 2.5 inch mounting bracket?

Okay, so I just opened up my M4 to realize there is no mounting bracket with the ssd and my lian li x900 didn't come with one either. I really want to get the ssd, my new os and my two new gpu's installed tonight before another week goes by. Is there any problem with simply setting the ssd in a 3.5 inch drive without a 2.5 in bracket temporarily?
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    not at all, they have no moving parts to get damaged.

    I actually don't have mine in a bracket at all, i used a sticky back Velcro circle to mount it into an empty bay in my case.
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    Agree! I have used tape to fasten a 3.5" hard disk in a 5.5" bay when I ran out of room to mount it. Works fine! HDDs run warm; not a problem.
  3. I have the ssd sitting near the top of the case where it will likely be installed in a bracket later. Seems to be fine, but I already ordered the add on for my Lian Li case. Ridiculous $20 bracket I might add, but it will give me a little extra piece of mind when I'm moving to lan parties for BF3 etc.

    Thanks guys.
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