Core 2 Duo e7xxx/e8xxx series or Amd Phenom II X4 9xx series?


This is first time i want to try amd processor and upgrade it from my C2D e8400.

I know that,if upgrade to it ,we must change mobo and procs.

But its doesnt matter, because that can be settle if i know that Phenom II X4 is faster than C2D in gaming, rendering or such anything can be do in pc.

But it is worth to upgrade from C2D to AMD Phenom II X4?

Thanks, all oppinion is allowed.
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  1. Per core, the phenom II will generally perform the same as a core 2 that is 200mhz less.
    ex, a phenom IIx2 3.0GHz will perform like a core 2 duo at 2.8Ghz.

    Gaming depends more on your graphics card, but this varies from game to game, so you would need to give us details on the rest of your system. Games are becoming more core optimized though so I would get the x4 totally.
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    I would say it's pretty much worth it, especially because even if you don't like the upgrade (and you will) you have nothing to lose, since the Phenom II X4 CPUs are dirt cheap at the moment, and plus, you can upgrade to a new X6 CPU because it will be compatible with the current socket. There is no way PII will be slower in anything than C2D, that's for sure. However, you will not notice an upgrade in all things you do on your PC. For example, audio/video encoding and rendering, some games and many other software that is quad optimized will now run like a dream compared to your C2D, but casual games and normal PC use along with simple software will feel the same like before.

    To sum it up, I think you can get a pretty decent deal on something like Phenom II 955. It will be a huge upgrade in some sectors, smaller in others. The real thing is that the platform you are getting is very versatile and it can be upgraded later.

    So, you now want a good board. I suggest anything from Asus, like M4A79T Deluxe (the old classic, but still one of the best AM3 boards), or Crosshair III Formula as the best possible option. The CPUs you want to be looking at depending on your budget are Phenom II 965/955/945, or eventually the weaker 925 (it can hardly be found except in pre-builts).

    Cheers and hope that helps.

    PS: And of course, to warn you not to listen to the BS talk about PII being slower than C2D in dual optimized apps "clock for clock" (boy, how I like that phrase) as it simply isn't true. If anything you will see a tiny boost in dual optimized apps since the architecture of PII is superior, but it will really shine in multicore optimized applications.
  3. both wrong, athlon II X4 635, UNBEATABLE VALUE
  4. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The Phenon II X4 9xx can defeat to all C2Q, EXCEPT the C2Q Extreame.

    Also the C2Q 9400 or better is a strong competition for the Phenom II X4
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  6. Thanks for your best answer.

    but one more question, how about this mobo (M4A785TD-V EVO). ?

    I know is cheaper than other's amd mobo, but it was extreme design and performance too.
  7. Hey, really sorry for not replying sooner as I am not so active on these forums.

    The motherboard you mentioned has some nice specs, and I think it might actually be an excellent mid-high range option. The chipset is excellent, as well as support for high speed DDR3 memory. It has two PCIE slots as well, so I'd say it pretty much has everything it needs. The only thing that's bothering me is the southbridge, but since you are getting a quad CPU (you won't need to unlock cores if you want) that board gets my recommendation.
  8. Why not upgrade to C2Quad? They'll give you about the same performance as Phenom II in gaming (espeically if you do a little OCing) and you won't have to buy $300 in other parts.

    And yes, Phenom II is worth it over C2D (Phenom II will smash C2D if you have a strong enough GPU on quad core optimized games) and C2Q, but not if you already own a 775 mobo (which you do).

    Don't get me wrong Phenom II is a great choice for gaming, it just isn't really much of an upgrade coming from 775. Besides DDR3 ram I guess which barely makes a difference in gaming.

    +1 to that mobo if you decide to go AMD. :)
  9. Perhaps you should also consider the suggestion above, but in my opinion it is just postponing of the inevitable. You should get yourself a new platform that supports new technologies right away for a bit more money and you will be more satisfied in the future.
  10. Agreed. USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s are good things to look into if you decide to change platforms. This mobo might be a better thing to look into so you'd get the most out of your change.

    Or this one if you want to crossfire with 8x/8x in the future and not 16x/4x like the Asus above.

    If USB 3.0 and SATA III don't tickle your fancy then disregard these mobos. ;)

    If you stick with C2Q you'll be able to get a new better CPU with your complete system rebuild in the future, and possibly newer techs than what AM3 offers now if it lasts you long enough.

    The choice is yours. :)

    Either way you go you'll be happy.
  11. Sorry for my bad english

    Thanks guys for all your information, you all are helping me so much.

    i'd stick go with amd . I want try it. I want know the difference between intel and amd. Also Specs in Amd such as HT links, Side Port memory and many more i want to know.

    This is my old pc specs.....(Not to much, not powerfull as all you guys)

    Processors------>C2D E8400 3.0Ghz with Termaltake Big Typ 120VX (Had OC to 3.8 Ghz but nothing difference between stock Ghz when playing games)

    Mobo------------->P5QL PRO

    Ram-------------->8GB DDR2 Kingston HyperX (800Mhz)

    Graphic Card--->Nvidia : Asus EN9800GT 512MB DDR3

    I want build a new pc with Amd

    This is my budget Amd soon

    Processors------>Phenom II X4 945 (AM3)

    Mobo------------->M4A785TD-V EVO (AM3)

    Ram-------------->4GB DDR3 Kingston

    Graphic Card--->XFX : Ati Radeon HD5770 ZHFC 1GB GDDR5 850M

    With this budget Amd build, can i get a difference between my old current pc in gaming?

    Sorry so much for my many question. I hope all your guys can help me with new information before make a new build Pc
  12. You will likely not notice a difference between the E8400 and the Phenom II 945 with a 5770. Your system is still plenty good for gaming. When you oc your CPU and you gain no frames that means you are GPU bottlenecked and your CPU is up to par (and/or overkill).

    DDR3 isn't going to make a difference in gaming (less than 5%) and the core2quad CPUs (q9400 and above) match Phenom II in gaming.

    I'd buy the 5770 (keep your current setup), oc the CPU until your frames stop going up (which won't be much, the 5770 doesn't require much CPU power). If you want to add a 2nd 5770 in the future then I'd grab a Q9400 or better and OC it to ~3.4ghz, or upgrade your whole system to Phenom II.

    On dual core optimized games (which is nearly all games) the E8400 will likely out-perform the Phenom II, assuming you don't have a bunch of stuff running in the background. Newer games are becoming quad core optimized (sometimes) though so its something to look into.
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