Plz suggest a graphic card

i am using an old system with pentium d 2.66ghz,mercury pi865d7 motherboard,1 gb ddr1 ram. motherboard has got 3 pci plz suggest me a graphic card for gaming. i am not a hard core gamer.
also suggest their prices in inr,availability at chennai,india
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  1. Well your Pentium D and 1GB of RAM will hurt your gaming's performance,so i would suggest you upgrade them first
  2. Ugh.
    I would also suggest upgrading your motherboard, CPU and RAM before worrying about a new GPU.
    FYI, what few current AGP GPUs exist are extremely overpriced.
    The cash saved by getting a PCIe version of the same card would go quite a ways towards a budget platform upgrade.
  3. If you don't have the money to fully upgrade the system and won't for a while then an HD4650 is probably what you should be looking at.
  4. Nearly any modern game is going to choke on a 1 GB system... that's especially true if you've upgraded to Vista/7.
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