Crosshair III PCI-E slot Question

I have a Crosshair III formula and the the current card supplied by asus doesn't work for me. No windows 7 compatibility. :(
And I'm getting a SB X-Fi Titanium for a very good price.
So the question is will that creative card work in the black PCI-E slot?? or that black slot is for only that cheap card??
Due to CrossfireX both of the white PCI-E card get used up. But then I still have a PCI slot left(usable) but I've heard and faced that the PCI versions of creative have great issues with Win 7.
What to do?
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  1. Please help fast!!
    I'll be going to the store soon.
  2. Hi.

    If the SB X-Fi is PCI-E should work.
  3. Hey....
    See i'll be going for this one

    It's PCI-E

    Can you please confirm somehow??
    I tried calling Asus but there was no response.
    For mental satisfaction can you please confirm this thing from Asus??
    It will be a great help.
  4. You know I don't want that I bring the card and it doesn't work on the black slot....
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    The SB X-Fi specs says that is PCI-E 1x, so, should work in the black or both white lines of ur mobo.

    Ohhh righ like ASUS support:

    Thanks for contact with ASUS support,

    The SB X-Fi that u want buy is PCI-E x1 and the Crosshair III have 3 slots that meets that requirements,so u won't have any problem installing that card in the mobo.

    Thanks for contacting with the ASUS support and have a nice day. :lol:
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  7. Hahhaaha

    by the way then I'm going for that one.....but any suggestions???
  8. Hey SAINT19
    I've started a new thread regarding the compatibility of the above card.
    Please reply if you know something about it.
    and Thanks Again!!
  9. In what thread? Please post the address.
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