My Finished i5 Rig

Hey guys,
Ive finished putting together my parts list for my new computer, take a look and get back to me if I could improve in any areas. Any comments are appreciated, thanks

CPU - i5-750 ($236)
MOBO - GB p55-UD4p ($195)
GPU - ATI RADEON GB x2 5770 ($410)
RAM - Corshair 4GB 1600C8D ($209)
MONITOR - 21.5 BENQ T2200HD ($195)
PSU - COrshair HX850W ($260)
OS - Windows 7 64bit
CASE - CM HAF 922 ($199)
HDD - either 1 x 32GB Corshair SDD + 1TB WD 7200 ($199 + $205)
or 1 x WD 300GB veloci raptor 10000 ($299)

Do need advice on DVD drive, im using the site if youre interested. Appreciate lots of comments, thanks
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  1. hey man....get a 5870 for those two 5770(s)
    cause...with one 5870 there will be a future chance of popping up another one of 5870 and having crossfire........
    moreover with one u will get optimum performance..... x16 slot full utilization...but if u get two 5770(s) u will end u losing some performance....because the board divides the channel onto x8,x8 in crossfire or sli !!!
    ur rig is a beast for now.........
    and having that modular hx850 will work into ur advantage later when u add another card.....
    and do u really need that ssd ??
    if yes get it...but if u get it i will suggest the 1tb bcoz u will need some storage facility............
    otherwise go for the velociraptor or samsung spinpoint f3(pretty fast though not fast as the raptor ) and the wd 1 tb !!!!!!
    get any dvd drive......
    i suppose an lg or samsung 24x will do good !!!!
  2. I gotta go with the guy in the post above..............^
    yeah why in the world would you buy 2 -5770's and put them in Crossfire? They may be DX11, but they only have a 128bit memory bus!
    I too would have gone for a single 5870 instead! Then later, you can add another 5870 if you feel the need. The price will come down on them by the time you feel you need for another one. Never, ever start out by Crossfiring 2 lessor cards in the beginning. Always buy the single fastest card you can afford! Then add another later, that is the way you do Crossfire and SLI. Unless you have the cash to buy the 2 top cards when you build. Don't be tempted into 2 lessor cards just because you want Crossfire right now for that new build.
    Personally, I would go with the 1tb drive and SSD for the OS.
    Just giving you my 2 cents, as you asked.
    But you definetly have a solid build, should eat up anything you throw at it.
  3. That SSD is a very bad deal (unless it is SLC flash). You can have a Intel X-25 M 80Gb for only $20 more. (Though they are currently out of stock at newegg)
    Definately don't take the WD's - they are not they leaders they once were.

    Again - go for a single fast graphics card over two slower ones.

    The 850W psu is probably over the top. See if there is something cheaper around 650-750. Good brand choice though.
  4. jpdykes said:

    The 850W psu is probably over the top. See if there is something cheaper around 650-750. Good brand choice though.

    wouldn't it be good if he added the second 5870????

    actually now that i think of it i got a 5870 on order and i'm getting the 750TX so I HOPE that will be enough for two of those cards b/c that was my plan also.

    Those SSD's are soooo expensive, i just can't justify it myself.
  5. ^ OP said they are using that AU site linked...not newegg thats why prices are high...please read.
    I see a 1tb Samsung on the Specials page for $105, this is faster and much cheaper, looks like you are going to a store to buy this, make sure it is a Spinpoint F3.
    Don't get a raptor, they aren't fast any more. Get the Corsair 750-TX for $189.
    Get the Kingston 64 GB for $189.
    Don't get a 5850/5870 they are horrible overpriced, stick with single 5770 or 2 of them.
    Asus 22" on special for $178.
    You could get the OCZ CL7 1333 ram if you wanted, its a bit cheaper.
  6. If i was to go for a single craphics card, wouldnt it seem better to get the 5850 only because if I decide to run two 5870 in crossfire the splitting x8/x8 wouldnt really handle it would it? That is the question I have.
  7. ^I live in australia, isnt newegg an australian company?
  8. No the x8 lanes hardly matter the 5850s and 5870s from that site are so expensive stick with the 5770s
    Newegg is not an AU company, they do not ship outside the US either
  9. sorry meant isnt new egg not an australian company
  10. ok my prices are autralian too, so we generally have higher prices. Do you think i would need a CPU cooler, or will the stock fans suffice?
  11. Stock is fine if you are not overclocking.
  12. Thankyou very much for your advice, ill get a samsung spinpoint f3 instead of raptor.
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