What is the Difference between Bios , ACPI & Cmos .

What is the Difference between Bios , ACPI & Cmos ? Please Elaborate
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  1. I know that Bios is where you set up your boot order, check the typ of components that your mother board stores. I think the Cmos sotres information, like the date.
  2. BIOS is where you can: check the settings of your CPU/mobo, you can also change voltages, change sleep states (hibernation and sleep), choose what your primary video output comes from (PCI/PCI-E/Integrated), manage RAID, blah blah blah. Depending on your mobo and it's BIOS version, you can manage many things in the BIOS.

    ACPI is a power-saving feature on Intel systems with Windows, it allows you to turn off/use low-power for USB or other peripheral device. A neat thing is that manufacturers can use ACPI to power up a computer with just a touch of a keyboard or mouse.

    CMOS stores your BIOS' memory of the date/time and settings.

    Hope this helped! :)
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