FX-8150 jumps to 255 degrees celsius?

Hey Guys heres my problem, when I run prime95 test or Linx, the test goes well for 10 minutes or so. Then all of a sudden my temperature readings for programs like CPU-HW or AMD overdrive jumps to 255 degrees celsius. My computer doesnt explode or anything though, and the test is still running. The 255 Degrees slowly drops down to around 100 degrees or so then jumps back up to 255. What I have noticed is that when it jumps to 255 degrees my CPU clock goes from 4.3GHZ to 1.5GHZ at 7x multiplier. As it drops down to 100 degrees the multiplier returns to normal and the cycle repeats itself until the stress test application is closed. Is there something wrong with my CPU? The temperatures are wrong but why does it decrease my multiplier and everything?

P.S. Prime95 or LinX has shown no errors when this occurs.

Oh yeah, here is my system specs:

FX-8150 Using H100 Cooler
8GB of ram (667mhz each)
Corsair 800w PSU
Mobo: MSI 970A-G46
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  1. Well in these temperatures, I doubt you would here posting anything. I'm no pro, but exactly 255 suggests it's software problem.
  2. No cpu would survive 255c. That's 671 degrees fahrenheit (for us F people)! Most likely an error, like Vatqafaks mentioned.
  3. Definately an error in temp reporting but it's also thermal throttling it seems so something is strange there. I would be inclined to apply new thermal paste and reseat the waterblock as a first course of action. Are you sure the pump is working on the H100 and do you have it set to at least med (high would be best when running stress tests).
  4. This only occurs when I stress test, the readings of the temperatures seem farely accurate during idle (20 degrees celsius). My guessing is that my CPU thinks its too hot which indicates the 255 degrees celsius and changes the voltage, multiplier and such to prevent any damages while hoping to lower the temperature. Is there anyways to fix this because during stress testing, I dont want my multipliers to change or it will provide an inaccurate result.
  5. the only things you could try would be to update the motherboard BIOS and try re-seating the cpu in the socket making sure no pins are damaged, or covered in thermal paste as i have seen before.
  6. if if 255C is realistic ... wow fantastic :D ( u can boil egg for fast) and yeah agree with other , that is bug soft / driver
  7. As stated before exactly 255 degrees suggest a data error.

    255 is the old 8 bit number (binary, 11111111) and I would guess, like Link in the old Nintendo "Legend of Zelda" couldn't get any richer than 255 rupees, your processor can't get any hotter than 255 degrees.

    Switch over to Fahrenheit and that might cool it off? :pt1cable:
  8. Go to Windows power profiles and put it on high performance to keep the CPU from throttling....As far as the temps they are a product of buggy software or you may need to update your BIOS to remedy your sensor problem on the temps
  9. I am having the same problem with my FX-8150, did you find a fix to this?
  10. @WhyCleanIt--->Its a sensor problem ....You can sometimes flash your BIOS to a newer version and it will fix it
  11. Thanks lowjack
  12. I'm having the same problem with my FX 4130, but I think it's the motherboards fault, since it only supports 95W CPUs and mine is 125W. I bought my PC from a local online store and they put it together like this but when I noticed the error I didn't have warranty anymore, so I'm stuck with it. I'm gonna replace my motherboard soon, not going to buy MSI this time, deciding between Asus and Gigabyte
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