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Case that I have is the arc midi. Deciding the amount of fans/where to put them to be able to effectively cool my stuff. I have a i5 2500k oc'd at 4.5 using a hyper 212 evo. Going to grab a second gtx 570 to throw on and was wondering if have only 4 fans(3 140mm case and 1 120mm cpu cooler)would be enough. The fans are in the 2 front spots for intake and the back exhaust. Should I get any more 140mm fans in order to cool the 570's w/ a slight overclock?

Also, my gpus are the msi twin frozr 3 so they end up exhausting most of the hot air straight into my case.
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  1. I wouldn't think it would be needed, the vid cards will exhaust out the back and with two 140 intakes you should have enough positive pressure in your case to adquately ventilate. I would personally hold off a fan purchase for now...
  2. It's really a matter of personal preference. I like to keep things super cool. I say the more fans the better. I have 7 including a top 200mm and two 120s on my Hyper212, two 120s in the front, a 140 on the side, and a 120 out the back. Noise is not an issue. My GPU fan is the loudest but temps never get above the mid 50s for my CPU.

    I used to run dual 560Tis and it would get hot. Now this may be a bit overkill, and I am a bit OCD with my temps, but fans are pretty cheap so if you think you may need another it's not a huge deal. With that said I would wait and see what the temps are like with the SLI setup before doing anything though.
  3. You could flip your PSU over so it's drawing from inside the case (if it isn't already) and/or add an exhaust fan to the side panel - suck the air right off the GPU's
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