10k vs solid state

I was wondering the difference between a 10k RPM hard drive and a solid state drive?
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  1. About $50, and much better reliability of the SSD!
  2. Well the price diff may be $50 but consumer grade SSDs are not currently known for their reliability or compatibility per Tom's SSD review where they properly label SSDs as "immature technology" for obvious reasons.

    If you need data security, now is not the time to install a consumer grade SSD. If you can live with BSOD, lost data, having to reinstall the O/S, needing to update firmware and RMA'ing SSDs, then you will see some speed improvement with an SSD over a fast HD.

    There's no debating whether SSDs offer blistering performance. That that doesn't really matter if you can't trust the device holding that important information. When you read about Corsair's Force 3 recall, OCZ's firmware updates to prevent BSODs, Crucial's link power management issues, and Intel's SSD 320 that loses capacity after a power failure, all within a two-month period, you have to acknowledge that we're dealing with a technology that's simply a lot newer (and consequently less mature) than mechanical storage. "

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