First build. yes, no, maybe?

As I said, this is going to be my first build. I'm just getting into this, so I'm learning as I go along!

After hours upon hours of research and some help on the forums over here in the Philippines, this is what I've come up with.

-Intel Core i5 750
-Asus P7P55D
-Sapphire HD5850
-G.Skill ripjaws ddr3 1333 (2x2gb)
-640GB/32mb Caviar black sata
-CM Storm Scout
-OCZ 600w StealthXStream
-Samsung 22x superwritemaster
-Samsung P2250 (21.5", 1920x1080)

Total is 59,300 Philippine pesos (US $1,260). My budget is 60,000. (Was surprised myself how close I got)

So, any thoughts on this build? Yes, no, maybe?

Will the 600w OCZ be fine? Overclocking is something I'll be looking into in the near future.

For those with experience with the storm scout or the hd5850, will I have any problems putting this all together (space-wise)?. I read that the HD5850 was quite big. Any reason for concern here?

So that's it, thanks for reading and any advice would be appreciated! :sol:
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    The 600w OCZ will be fine if you do no plan on crossfire. The 5850 will fit in the storm sniper. The storm sniper is horribly overpriced for a mid tower case though, look at the Coolermaster 922 or the Lian Li PC-K62. The 5850 will also fit in both of those cases. Be warned you will most likely have to buy a 8 pin power extender if you get the 600w modxtreme as it is only long enough to reach the top of the mobo if it goes over top of the video card on top of the the mobo which is not good. The extender is only like 7 dollars though. Look at the Spinpoint F3 HDD, it is faster and cheaper per gb.
  2. Yeah, the sniper is expensive. But I mentioned that I was thinking of the scout. Will it still fit?

    As for the power supply, its the stealthxstream, and not the modxstream. I didn't really get the "on top of the on top of" part, but will the stealthxstream have the same issue?

    Spinpoint isn't available in the Philippines as far as I'm aware.
    btw, thanks for the quick reply sonic.
  3. Erm I had some mistakes there. Yes the Storm Scout should also be fine on size. I meant to type over top of the videocard on top of the motherboard. Don't think so on the stealth since it isn't modular.
  4. actually, i found the spinpoint f3 here. i thought spinpoint was the name of the manufacturer. lol. decent price too. it's also 7200rpm, so how is it faster?
  5. It uses one single platter(500gb) the black uses two platters(320gb each). One platter is faster than two.
  6. ah i see. all the reviews say its one of the top hdds as well.

    anyone else see any fault in this build?
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