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HI! :hello: I was wondering what the performance difference was between a solid state drive and a 10,000RPM hard drive. I know that there is a large cost difference, so i was wondering if it was worth it (i would have 3 of them for my triple boot; all storage would be on a 7200RPM hard drive.) I was also wondering what would be the best brand and any other info you want to give me.
I have an i7 960 with 12 gigs of triple channel ram.
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  1. I am looking into this now, upgrading to SSD. For primary drive/boot £250 for about 120GB gets you something decent - at least from what I understand:,review-32297-4.html

    I have seen them in action on friends rigs - you will notice the performance over a 10k drive on most machines - especially for high intensity stuff like gaming, but with a i7/12gb rig an SSD would make it fly!

    I saw some data on the SSD vs 7.2k/10k and ill try and find the link for you.

    Triple boot though.... Given that price v performance / memory is constantly improving, £750 seems a lot to upgrade the whole rig, which for close to half that in 6 months time you would be able to get SO much better - I am still tossing a coin on whether to get just 1 for mine..! (AMD 1090t @3.8ghz 8gb RAM) and am asking for advice here too.

    Is there one boot you use predominantly? Maybe worth upgrading one and then the other 2 around Easter '12 (when the next batch are out and been tested in the field) - I am also seeing a lot about some SSD's failing/having issues with upgrades which is also why I am hesitant about upgrading now.

    Keep us up-to-date!

    Is the one I was looking at, which seems to be one of the best at the moment for price/gb at £290 and change for 256gb. Not one of the best performers though I think this is only 25nm - Amazon are crap for tech specs so I am researching now!

    Three of these .... you obviously have the money to spend, but £900... Even if you were a multi-millionaire it still seems a tad extravagant, unless your PC is also directly related to your income / work which would increase weighting in favour of the SSD's. The Tom's article link (above) highlights some good enterprise SSD's from Intel which may suit.

    Found this - from 2009 and SATAII not III but - interesting read:

    Errors on SSD:

    Benchmark reviews: (Not the original I saw a while back, but close enough!)

    The HDD benchmark was a spinpoint, which (without googling) I think is 7.2 but you get the idea - SSD kicks major ass.
  3. Just to confirm, I have found this on offer at, cheaper by about £30.

    There is also a 240gb version, but a bit pricey for me at nearly £400 :s

    Apparently as most SSD's are made in Thailand, the floods are also causing problems/pricing issues....
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