Should I buy a sound card for my setup?


I am building a new computer with the ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO

I haven't built a computer for myself for almost 4 years now. My old computer I notice a huge difference in having a sound card - Creative Audigy. I was wondering now if it is even worth buying a sound card?

I have the Logitech 2.1 speakers, and don't plan on ever having 5.1 because of the layout of my office.

I was looking at maybe getting the ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Is it worth it? will I notice better sound quality? or is it a waist of money?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Take whatever money you were willing to spend on a sound card and put it toward better speakers. You wouldn't hear any difference, unless you are used to all the "enhanced" audio "enhancements" that "enhanced" boards give you.

    I looked at the Asus product page, and, jeeze Louise, what gobbledegook. I'm about ready to completely give up on computer sound and just pray that it will pass through what I need to the receiver through either the SPDIF or HDMI.
  2. You don't need a sound card. Even if you had really high end Bose or Klipsch speakers you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Maybe if you were using really really good headphones.

    So my actual recommendation is: Try it without first, if you decide you need it you can always stick one in later.

    p.s. Everything the company "Creative" sells is cheap crap. If you do get something that Asus looks like a much better option.
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    Defiantly try your onboard audio before buying.
    For most people, current generation audio codecs quality is 'good enough'.

    If you decide your onboard codec leaves your sound lacking, the Xonar Dx is an excellent upgrade.
    It offers much better sound quality than any onboard solution.
    If you have an ear for good sound, I would defiantly NOT call it a waste of money.

    @ Petrofsky, the product pages look pretty straight forward to me :??:
    What has you confused?

    Also, +1 to avoiding Creative.
    They offer nothing but overpriced and underperforming cards with terrible drivers/support.
  4. Thank you everyone for your help. especially outlw and deeadlock. In another forum I was asking about my computer setup that i was building and running 2 Crossfire video cards. I was told to get a better motherboard due to lack of speed on the PCI-e slots. They recommended going with the ASUS Crosshair III which comes with a sound card. see link below.

    Does any body know if it is good sound card? is it as good as the Xonar?

  5. The SupremeFX is nothing but an off-board codec with software EAX support :/
    It will probably have slightly higher sound quality than your average onboard codec but nothing as good as the Xonar.

    If you end up getting that board though, give it a try first, you might be happy with the sound.
    If not, an Xonar will work just fine there.
  6. Ok, Thanks outlw6669
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  8. outlw6669 said:
    ...@ Petrofsky, the product pages look pretty straight forward to me :??:
    What has you confused?...

    Here's what it says under "audio" in the specifications on the Asus product page:

    "VT1708S 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC
    - Supports Jack-Detection, Multi-Streaming, and Front Panel Jack-Retasking
    - Optical S/PDIF Out ports at back I/O "

    Does it decode anything? What features are there? What chip?

    Via's site for the VT1708/A - 8-channel HD Audio Codec (I couldn't find the "S" version):

    "...supporting the high definition HD Audio standard ...compliant with the Intel® High Definition Audio Rev. 1.0 specification...optionally supports leading QSound technology that offers unmatched technologies to transforms the PC audio experience with enhancements..."

    In order: redundant and what standard, who cares, and huh?

    I guess I was a bit unfair to Asus, who provide merely insufficient information, like what features of the codec they have implemented. It's Via who need their heads examined.
  9. Ah, I see.
    I thought you where looking at the Xonar's product page :whistle:

    Yeah, most onboard codecs offer very little information about thems selfs.
    Probably because there is not to much to differentiate them...
    Most recent codecs conform to the Intel HD Audio Standard which means they have a standardised feature package.
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