No signal detected - What could be the possible causes?

Alright, I have a rather complex problem here. I've tried 2 graphic cards, 2 monitors, 2 VGA cables, 2 DVI cables, and all of them still tells me that no signal is detected. Are there any other possible causes for this problem? (eg: faulty CPU/motherboard?)

Old Comp Specs:
AMD Athlon 2400
ATI R9600

Samsung Syncmaster 931c
Samsung Syncmaster 931BF

My old comp kept giving me the 'no signal detected' error. The cables are definitely connected properly, and I tested it with my other Samsung Syncmaster 931BF, they both gave the same error. I tried taking the cables out and putting them back in, swapping the RAM out, swapping different graphic cards out, nothing worked. I finally just assumed that the motherboard died and I assembled a new computer today.

New comp specs:
Intel C2Q Q9400
ATI 5750

Samsung Syncmaster 931c
Viewsonic VE170s

It STILL gives me the same 'no signal detected' error. All cables are properly secured, I have a 650W power supply, I've connected the extra 6 pins to the card. I tried using a third monitor - a Viewsonic VE170s, it still tells me 'no signal detected'.

I finally decided to swap out the R5750 for an ATI X600 (NOT the same card in my old comp; this card was working the last time I used it). It still tells me that no signal can be detected on both monitors.

I'm just frustrated at this point. What could possibly cause this problem other than a loose connection or a faulty graphics card? Could a faulty CPU or motherboard cause this to happen too? Is there any easy way to tell if a CPU or motherboard is faulty?

PS: There is no sound at start up. No beeps, no long beeps, nothing.

Hope someone can help me. =(
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  1. Anyone?
  2. The READ before posting about boot problems! sticky at the top of the forum was created to troubleshoot "no signal" problems. The first step would be to perform EVERY step in the checklist and let us know how it goes.
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