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Can a video game cause harddrive clicks?

Just recently i purchased battlefield 3 and attempted to play it. The community of the game have been having gross amount of errors with the game and i am no exception, crashes and program problems (I'm on a decent system) so ive been trying to update the game and at one point after the update my hardrive began to click and cause load problems for the entire computer so i turned it off, it clicked as it loaded windows and i decided to do a windows repair which fixed the clicking, last night the same thing happened again, updated the game trying to fix it and after another game crash it started clicking again, i've never heard of this before but it is interesting. Its A seagate Barraccuda 1 TB. Thanks for any feed back
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    Using a hdd wears it down, it's not necessarily the games fault but it sounds like your hdd is dying, you might want to back it up.
  2. So then a follow up, my HDD is a recertified that came as part of a combo from newegg with win7 x64 preloaded on it, if i got a new one how would i go about loading windows back on?
  3. You can find out your key and download w7 (there are legit places since you already have a legit key) or you can just clone your hdd.
  4. Thanks, annoying that this is happening the HDD is less than 3 weeks old >.<
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