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My new T240HD monitor arrived yesterday, and I am happy to say the thing is beautiful and has zero dead pixels!

But alas, I'm still annoyed by one possibly minor but possibly major issue....The entire time my monitor is turned on it has a slight buzzing sound coming from inside (not the speakers but something else). I have an Acer 20" and it was completely silent.

I am just wondering if this is common with Samsung monitors or with this particular model? Also, is there any way to solve this? Lastly, is this issue worth an RMA? So far its noticeable and annoying but not terrible. However, I'm worried that over time it may be even more annoying, especially when working on word documents and such.
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  1. It is probably the power supply inside the monitor. My sister had a CRT with the same issue. As you plug the AC power right into the display, there is a small powersupply that converts it to DC. Sometimes these units make a squealing sound. You can call Samsung and tell them and if they will replace it under warranty. Do you have it plugged into a UPS or power stripe? Try plugging it right into the wall and see what happens. Sometimes that happens when you aren't getting clean power. I had a PC with a noisy power supply and when i took it off the UPS it was fine.
  2. Hmmm...my standard T240 is silent...

    Might want to try to exchange the moniter for a replacement, just in case.
  3. I also have the T240HD, it only has a buzzing sound when I turn it on and off but I use it as a TV now anyway, otherwise it's pretty quiet. Might want to get it checked out.
  4. Okay, here is an update on my problem.

    I'm left more confused than I was initially because of recent events. When I first posted this problem on the forums I was only using the monitor to watch movies and play PS3 games until the rest of my computer parts arrived. So after getting my parts and building my computer yesterday, I plugged up my computer and sat in awe as my monitor made no noise at all!!!! However, if I switch to cable or HDMI input the noise starts up again! What the heck is going on?

    I'm probably going to RMA this item, but I thought I'd post these new findings to see if maybe this is something fixable since it only happens at select inputs.
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