Do i need to break in my new cpu?

i heard from someone not to OC my new cpu once i got it that i needed to "break it in" for a few months? is this true and how high do you think i can go safely with a AMG Phenom 2 x4 965 3.4?? im hoping for 4.0 but not sure. i do have an after market cooler. its the Coolermaster v8
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  1. He probably meant by "break it in" to a specific thermal compound, which is Arctic Silver 5. No you do not need to wait that long, in fact start now:

    Is your 965 a BE edition cpu?
  2. I think he was confusing your CPU With a new Car Engine. Car Engines need to be "broke in" because they are Mechanical devices and a small amount of wear and tear is necessary to make it work well. However, a CPU is an electronic device that is built ready to go and tested by the manufacturer so any "breaking in" has been done before it was shipped. OC to your hearts content.
  3. is my exact cpu comming soon. i know its not the best but i lost my job few months back and cant aford a i7 or anything fancy :(
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