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So what happened was yesterday AVG detected a virus on my computer and asked if I wanted to get rid of it. I clicked remove or whatever it was and forgot about it. However, every 2-3 minutes it mentioned another virus needed removal on my computer. I ran a scan twice and said it was clean.

So I thought about trying to use a different antivirus program. I downloaded MSE and ran a scan. It detected some kind of trojan virus so I removed it and was glad thinking that this was the hidden problem. MSE told me to restart the computer to finish the clean up or whatnot, so I restarted the computer.

However, now when my computer is loading, I'll reach the first Windows 7 screen showing the symbol, then my computer will automatically restart. As if I clicked the reset button. I tried using the startup repair but it could not fix the problem. I also tried the restore windows at a earlier point, but the computer still faills to reach the desktop. I read somewhere that I should try to access the desktop in safemode, but the same "reset" problem occurs when I try to make it to safemode.

Please if anyone could help me fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I did not delete AVG so I had 2 antivirus programs (AVG and MSE), and someone told me that could be the problem and to delete 1 of the antivirus programs, but I cant even get to the desktop to do so. I have windows 7 64-bit. Prior to this, the computer was working fine. I was thinking of reformatting the computer but I rather not lose everything I have on the computer unless its the only option left. Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. Seem to me like restart on system failure is check in your startup.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. How do I check my startup? Sorry I'm not very computer savvy.
  3. I would try booting the Windows CD and (I forget the exact options) but see if you can either boot from the CD or try the recovery option on the CD.
  4. @ zahoo
    I inserted my windows7 cd and I tried using the recovery option, but it said it failed. I'm not sure how to try to boot using the cd.
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