Water Cooling in a NZXT Phantom Case Question.

Hi Everyone,

As you can tell i have a NZXT Phantom PC Case and i was just wondering what would be the best options for mounting a XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 Water Cooling Kit?

Dont really want to have to take out my HDD cages because i will be expanding my SSD and Hdd collection in a few months.
I realise I could easily mount the unit on the back of my case but i heard in a few different forums that i could mount it on the top of my case, however i dont know whether it'd be possible to replace the plastic cover on the roof once i've finished installing the cooler?

I'd prefer that the cooler doesnt poke out anywhere where it shouldnt to avoid knocks and whatnot.

Quick Responses will be appreciated :p if anyone has any photos that show what this installation would look like afterwards please post up here.

Cheers fellow members of TH
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  1. I would suggest the Ex240 over the Rs if space is an issue,
    but I've seen a Phantom where the two top fans were on the top of the case under the plastic,
    then inside the case the rad is next to the roof, and the last set of fans beneath that, it may be in our W/c gallery if I recall,
  2. Cheers, what's the price difference and performance difference between the two?
  3. Found a pic, one of the posts in here, £131ish

    We don't seem to have the Ex kits over here yet so its buying the parts seperately, no issue as we'll make sure you don't miss anything out :) is the rad though, same size thickness as the Rs, but with much better performance, although they do like higher speed fans, and at the same price, why not take the better performance?
    Have a run through the Sticky at the top of the section too, lots of handy tips in there
  4. Sorry man, i'd prefer to order through an australian store as i am australian, unless prices are comparable including shipping.
  5. Awesome! I wish you'd said lol, I link those as I'm in the UK,
    240's sold out at the moment, but for ten Dollars you get the better pump and a better rad too, the Rs kit only has the 450L pump, I run two of the 750L's (In one loop) and cannot fault them,
    If you really felt like it, you could go for the 360, and extend the first part into your top optical bay, it will fit,

  6. ah its much easier to order through PcCaseGear.

    XSPC Rasa 750 RS360 Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit
    $171 to get it to my house

    XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit
    $161 to get it to my house
  7. Will you ever watercool the 6970, or multiple of them?
  8. just wondering. is the extra $10 worth it? because the Rad is a triple? will this fit in my system without having anything sticking out of it?
  9. nah i doubt ill get another card. maybe in the future when i get a better system ill save up for a dual card setup. next time ill plan on a proper colour theme too cause at the moment i've got blue red and black and it looks pretty bad haha although even though the card is a 6970 it still doesnt have as much power as id hoped so ill probably oc that meaning i may need a gpu cooling block later in life.
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    Tried answering this morning but Toms was being icky,
    Yes $10 for a much better rad is well worth it and as the link I posted shows, you can fit it in there with no pokey-out-bits :)
    I would still urge you to avoid the Rs series though, give yourself the maximum cooling for when you add the card (which is a simple matter of draining the loop and adding the Gpu block later, you will already have enough radspace to accomodate the cards heat)
  11. maybe by he time im ready to start with the GPU i could upgrade my rad and pump? I mean im not an overclocking fiend at the moment so ill probably start with the easy stuff then by the time i want more power i can get the better parts? i just need a good basic OC solution at the moment. i dont know if you noticed my other thread? but first i was just considering going the corsair all in one series or a high powered air cooler haha amuffin convinced me otherwise. however i really dont have a high budget. if i were to get the dual fan rad then i'd already be going $10 over my budget :/
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  13. Thank you for B.A. man, glad to help and shout up if theres anything else
  14. no worries buddy :) I closed this one off because im about to start a new thread just to iron out final details. hopefully we will be able to find other people who use the same case and share their experiences. :)
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