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I am planning to buy a new computer with the following specifications,

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR
Processor: Intel core 2 duo E8400, 3 GHz, L2 cache 6 MB
RAM: Kingston 2 GB, DDR3, bus speed 800
VGA: nVidia geforce 9500 GT or 9600 GT, 1 GB, DDR2
Monitor: LG 21.5 inch LCD FULL HD

And the main question that I want an answer of is, am I able to use that 9500 or 9600 to get the maximum performance on that Full HD monitor which is supposed to be 1080p?

By the way, any comments on that hardware?
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  1. I guess there is a DVI-HDMI adapter for the 9500 (from but would that affect the resolution? HDMI is better than DVI but after using an adapter would that make the HDMI same as the DVI? so practically what I mean is what was the purpose of making that adapter? as I guess adapters are used because of the available cables only.

    Correct me if I am wrong.
  2. Another way to ask the question, is HDMI via adapter still as good as straight HDMI?
  3. The digital video signal in DVI and HDMI are the same so you get the same resolution/quality. The only difference is that HDMI also supports audio and DVI also supports analog.
    So if the monitor has DVI you could just use that.
  4. Thank you for your answer, but would I obtain 1080p from the DVI of the 9500 GT?

    Also said that this card supports HDMI but with adapter while some other cards says no HDMI while they have DVI.
    What would be the difference in that? I mean it said HDMI with adapter which would be just equal to DVI now, Is it in case of connecting to a TV or so?
  5. If you will only use the PC for 2D, yes the 9500GT can support up to 1920x1080 resolution. But if you intend it for gaming, the answer is "No". 9500GT will not play nicely on 1080p in 3D games. It can only support up to 1440x900 and only in medium to high settings. You will need at least an Nvidia GT250 or ATI HD 5750 or higher to get decent framerate at 1920x1080 resolution at high settings.
    And for these video cards, you will need power supply with >450watts true power...

    Please tell the actual brand of the 9500GT as the display ports vary from one item to the other depending on the brand. And also tell the actual model of the LG monitor so we can see its actual specs and input specifications.
  6. I don't think I can afford something more than the 9500 GT with DDR2 and 1 GB and you said it can support up to 1440x900 so then can I make it work for the gaming purpose at least on 720p?

    Other question, what is the maximum performance I can achieve with such hardware on PES 2010? HD and not HD, high or medium, what resolution and so and of course for decent framerate that is playable.
  7. Sure you can use the 9500GT for 1360x768 resolution. What you need to do is set your display to 1920x1080 so your windows desktop and other applications such as office & outlook will be at 1920x1080. For your games, set them in the games video or graphics option to 1360x768 ( this match the full HD aspect ratio ). It will play just fine.

    As to your other question, I am not familiar with PES 2010 but you can always try it at high resolution & low setting and see how it will play. You can always go down on resolution if the gameplay or application lags so much.
  8. Great, I really appreciate your help.
    Whatever the new computer is going to be, I believe it will be good for someone who plays PES 4 network at FPS 8-10 in the year 2010!
  9. Last but not least, shall I use a direct DVI cable? or shall I use an HDMI cable with the DVI-HDMI adapter? or there is no difference?
  10. Use the direct DVI cable.

    The DVI-HDMI adapter just adds to the weight of your connector at the back to the Video Card. I don't know about your monitor but my LG32 TV which is full HD does not look good when the input from the PC comes from HDMI input port.
  11. mmm okay, what is the power supply I need again? you said 450w I guess?
  12. For an E8400 and a 9500GT ( along with other peripherals) will need around 177w so the 450w PSU should be more than enough.
    You can use the calculator below in case you want to know for other CPU/Video Card combinations.
  13. The case I intend to buy has a power supply with 350w so I guess that would me enough :p and thank you! really thanks :D
  14. Gigabyte GV-N95TD3-1GI (Powered by NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT GPU) what is that? what is the difference between it and a normal nvidia made one?

    It is made by Gigabyte I think, but what is the difference? will it work just like the other nvidia or what? and is there a nvidia made one with this same specifications? 1 GB with DDR3?
  15. Anyone can explain to me what is this gigabyte made VGA which is powered by nVidia and tell me the difference between it and the other normal ones? I mean shall I buy it or what? they have the same driver though!
  16. Nvidia is the VGA chipmaker while Gigabyte is the VGA card maker. Performance of the same Nvidia chip is more or less the same even when in different VGA maker's card. They differ only in the output ports or if some card makers OC the chip out of the factory ( don't get these cards because they are more expensive and VGA can be OC easily anyway ). Get any 9500GT DDR3 512MB that fits your budget. Don't get the 1GB because it does not impact in the performance too much yet the price difference is considerable.
  17. Okay I got it now, thanks.

    Now I noticed another card which is the nVidia Geforce GT220 with 1 GB VRAM and DDR3, its not so high than the 9500.

    If you have any review on it
    Like its resolution, can it work the 1080p with games and so, I would be thankful.
  18. Look at this:

    The GT220 is very low end. It will certainly not be good at 1920x1080. A good gameplay means at least 30fps on your monitor resolution. As you can see in most of the games in this review, to get more than 30fps means you need a GT9600.
    If your budget is really tight, get the HD4670. It will also not play well on 1920x1080 but it will be better than 9500GT.
  19. I gave up the idea if working on such high resolution, I just think now of getting a 18.5 inch monitor which 1366x768 resolution and work with that resolution.

    I think that would be enough as its just a computer monitor, I thought of the 1080p because I always decide to look at the highest thing at first but after I get the real facts of it being very expensive, I look for the average one that would make me satisfy.

    So I just want to work on 1366x768 or 1360x720, I guess that would be enough and would make me happy!
  20. I am also gonna get the 1 GB not the 512 (is there is a great difference?)
  21. No. I don't think there will be any difference. Higher memory is needed only for very high resolution. 1GB is just marketing hype but does not add any performance value. Yes, the extra memory will be there but it will not be used anyway so why pay for it?
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