Ati 4870 or 5750!!!!! urgent help needed

hey experts please help me out.
i am buying a new graphic card and i am totally confused between the two.
should i buy
XFX HD-487A-ZWFC Radeon HD 4870 1GB GDDR5
XFX HD-575X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5750 1GB GDDR5

plase help me out,,,
my budget is around 150$..
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  1. The 5770 is equivalent to the 4870 which makes it significantly better than the 5750. If you need really low power consumption the 5750 is the better option, but if you want better peformance the 4870 will do significantly better.
  2. Unless DX11 is important to you, then the 5770 is the better choice, as the 4870 is DX10.1
  3. 4870 .
  4. Yeah, spending a little extra for an HD5770 would be a good call.
  5. Sorry, that was a typo, I meant to say 5750. But yeah, 10 bucks more for a 5770 is a good price/performance upgrade.
  6. The 5770 is nearly as fast as the 4870 and 260,2464-4.html

    If you want best performance, the 4870 or 260 is the way to go....which one very much depends on what titles are involved. Keep in mind 2 years from now you may need to upgrade to a DX11 card if DX11 becomes "the enxt big thing".

    If you want to future proof as much as possible, get the 5770 which is DX11

    If you want PhysX, 260 is only choice.,2465-11.html
  7. From what I've been reading DX11 is being taken to fast by game developers. Two years doesn't seem like the proper time frame in that last comment.
  8. Game development of any landmark game is usually in the 2 year + zone. Batman for example had a scheduled development time of 21 months and then was about 5 months late.
  9. The 5750 is a solid card in it's own right. DX11 is also nice to have. I think the 5xxx series is a great way to future proof. Remember that you can Crossfire it later on too(if your board supports that). Two 5750's perform slightly above one 5870.

    18 months from now you may not want to drop 100+$ on a second 4870 that doesnt even support dx11.

    If that doesnt help you, look at the cards wattage. Unless it is a refined version I would assume that 48xx's will run much hotter than 57xx's.
  10. I would take a 4870 over a 5750 for the raw gaming performance. 5750 is a DX11 card, but really you are probably not going to be able to play DX11 games with very high settings from a lower end DX11 card. You will be looking at a 5850 or higher to get all the DX11 glory. So to be honest I would take a DX10 card that performs better. So I recommend the 4870. They also OC pretty well with some nice gains. You can usually OC them to 800MHz by just turning it up in the ATI CCC panel.

    Here are some benches to validate my suggestion. Just page through the articles and compare the two(they are several pages long each);,2446-6.html
  11. Look at the THG Dirt2 article......the 5770 can't handle's a card w/ a DX11 label that already can't run DX11 games.....futire proofing requires more than a label.....if that's the goal, the 58xx series should be considered the entry point.
  12. I would disregard DX11 altogether since by the time DX11 games are mass released (roughly 18 -24 months from now) you may feel the urge to upgrade.

    Between the two cards, just determine now what's more important in comparison to each other

    A) Best performance at 2x power consumption
    b) Very good performance at 1/2x power consumption
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