Hard drive causing booting problems

Hello, I have recently installed red orchestra 2 on my second hard drive. It worked but when I tried to restart the computer a day later my computer booted to a black screen. I then tried to boot the computer with the windows installation disc. It still booted to a blank screen with the exception of it having my mouse cursor on it. I then unplugged my 2nd hard drive and rebooted the computer, It worked, and it booted normally. so Clearly I need to uninstall red orchestra to get my 2nd hard drive working. The only problem is that I need to re-attach the hard drive while the computer is running, any ideas?

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  1. Go to the control panel and enter the device manager, then plug in the drive and press "search for plug and play devices". it will run and probably find your drive, unless your computer black screens then you must run the install disk without the drive plugged in and when you select which drive to install you plug it in and refresh then reformat it... hope it works!

    Best of luck, Andrew
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