About to buy, please check my rig first

Hi all,

I am looking to upgrade my pc. I have homebuilt my current pc and here are the components:

Asus P5Ne-SLI
Dual core 2.16mhz cpu
8800gts 640mb
320 WD 7200 32mb cache
2x1gb Geil low latency ram
case + 550w psu

Here is what i plan to do:


MOBO: Asus P6T intel X58
CPU: i7-920 2.66
RAM: Patriot 3x2gb Tri channel 10600
OS: Windows 7 HP 64bit

Now, a couple of questions:

I plan to place my 8800 gts in for graphics until dx11 cards are mainstream: thoughts?

Why not buy higher rated ram ie 12800 etc? i dont understand how my mobo would recognise above 1333mhz ram?

Will the 6 core intel processors be supported on this board - for future upgrades?

Thoughts and suggestions please.

I have a 22" samsung monitor, looking for good gaming performance.

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  1. I think the i9(6 cores) will be supported on 1366 motherboards.

    About the video card it depends on what you do on the computer!Is it for gaming?

    About the ram it's just because of the latency.Lower is better.
  2. Sorry I did't see this "I have a 22 samsung monitor, looking for good gaming performance. " So I can answer abou the gpu. I think you should place the 8800 gts on your new computer just until the 5800 series get available, by what is written in newegg they will be available tomorrow

    What's your budget?
  3. ok, thanks, but with the ram i was wanting to know about the mhz speed, the mobo says it supports up to 1333mhz with no oc so why buy 1600mhz, 1800mhz etc ddr3?
  4. No speed over 1333 makes a difference, only latencies.
  5. So wy sell ram thats higher? - i should therefore buy the best 10600 ram with lowest latency???

    How does the rest of it look?
  6. I think that the rest looks good, are you going to use your old case, and old psu?IS it a quality psu because if not maybe you will want to get a new psu to run 5800 series in this computer.
  7. i have an enermax 550w psu, quite good quality i think,
    I was thinking of staying with nvidia, what cards would you use and would you use sli on this mobo. I plan on getting a dx11 when out.

    yes using old case - have a thermaltake case, 2 big fans one small side fan.
  8. oh and would the patriot ram be good - latency is 7-7-7-20, 10600, 3x2gb
  9. Look at this this memory
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