Raid0 Problems

For 6 days ago my last motherboard died after many years of proud service.

i were running a gigabyte motherboard with vista installed.

now to the problem:

I where running 2 hardrives samsung "Hd321kj" with 320 gb
Each and now i have tried to put them on my new motherboard whom also is a gigabyte
brand, but the say that it finds them but they ain't raid0's like they are. So i went to the
gigabyte's website and looked at the manual and they said in bios you can change a
option in from "disabled" to "achi" or "Raid" but i when i did this there was no raid option
but when i changed the ide settings to "ide/RAID" it found the drives but claims they are
"No Raid Disk".

Question: How can i do to get the information from the drives without having to spend
any money, i am short on cash right now and i have to get access to my bank
papers on them.

Xtra: i had the "raid0"ed so i could have 3 drives instead of 2, 1 for me, 1 for my daugher
and 1 for my son. have you ever thought of why young girls fill their drives with
justin bieber crap, and my son too but with minecraft mods...

Would be very thankful if someone could help me... By Zentagon
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  1. Are the old and the new motherboards based on an Intel ICHxR chipset? If so, then you should have been able to migrate the RAID 0 from the old to the new motherboard as long as you didn't try to access the drives in non-RAID mode.

    I presume that you had 3 partitions and not 3 drives.
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    when this happened to me i bought a new computer and then i plugged them in, same problem. i searched the internet and found the program called Raid recovery something. don't remember the name... the program searched the partitions and managed to open the drives and allowed me to copy the files like on windows original explorer way, so try it and you might get it back...
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