Need a new graphics card? any suggestions


Hoping I can get some help.

I am in need of a new graphics card because I bought a 24" monitor and now playing at 1920x1080 is very very slow. I have a HD 2600 XT 512mb right now, along with 4gb of ddr2-800 Ram, E8400 CPU and a Gigabyte ep35-ds3l mobo, 500w antec earthwatts PSU.

The max I can spend is $100-$110 (including shipping). Anyone have any suggestions on what is good out there right now for that price and in stock. I keep seeing the 4670, it's cheap, but don't think it will do too well on the higher resolutions. I'm finding it very hard to find any video cards in stock that are on the recommended best buys guide for November. I was thinking of the 4850 (as it falls between my budget,but it is practically non-existent on newegg). I have looked at zipzoomfly, and they have some in stock but at around $120 (not $100 like mentioned in the guide).

Is the 4850 a good card for my price range and would it be worth getting a 1gb over a 512mb, or will it make no difference.

Would really appreicate it if you could point me to the right directions.

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  1. Your assumptions are basically correct -- the 4670 is not going to do very well with the latest games. That card has its uses, but is mostly only a good choice if you're working with an older machine or a limited power supply.

    For that price range, a 4850 is a pretty good choice and you'll be glad you spent the extra 10 bucks. It's a big step up over the 4670.

    As far as the RAM goes 1GB is a safer bet for that monitor size. The difference between 512MB and 1GB usually doesn't come into play at all unless you're playing games on high settings with a pretty large monitor. You look like you're right on the edge where it would help you, though. There's a pretty good article about it here:,2428.html
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    HD 4850 seems a good choice,and about 1GB vs 512MB,you won't notice the difference between them in almost every game
  3. You really need to up your budget to get a card that's decent for that resolution. As it is the cheapest for the money in that area is the GTS 250 for $110. It would do ok but not particularly well at you res. You should really be looking at an HD5770/HD4780/GTX 260.
  4. I found a 4850 512mb for $106, or a 1gb version for $118. It is a visiontek, is it worth paying the extra $12 for the 1gb over the 512mb. and is visiontek a good brand? thanks guys
  5. For $12 is say its worth it,here is a review too:
  6. royal007 said:
    I found a 4850 512mb for $106, or a 1gb version for $118. It is a visiontek, is it worth paying the extra $12 for the 1gb over the 512mb. and is visiontek a good brand? thanks guys

    I've got a Visiontek 4870 in one of my machines, and I'm perfectly happy with it. I believe they also give their cards a lifetime warranty, which is a big plus over most other brands (I think XFX is the only other one that does that).

    For $12 ... yeah, definitely get the 1GB. You might be able to get away with 512MB, but at your resolution I'd rather not take the chance if I were you.

    Also, as someone else said above, if you can afford another $50 or so, a 4870 or a 5770 is going to be a noticeably better card and you'll be glad you spent the money. If you're on a strict budget, though, this is probably the best you can get.
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