I5 2500k - OC'd Using ASRock Presets

I overclocked my i5 - 2500k using the preset OC's in ASRock's UEFI BIOS setup. Basically ASRock has several OC presets at 4.0, 4.2, 4.4..etc, a sort of one and done for OC'ing.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I have OC'd my CPU to 4.2 using this preset and confirmed it is running up to 4.2. however, can i just leave it like this? temps are still low (30C idle, 50C load). Anything else i should know?
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  1. I have the same question. I was going to do all the manual adjustments according to a guide found in the Overclocking Forum. However, it didn't seem to apply to the settings I have under my Asrock z77 Pro 3 choices.

    So, I want to OC using a preset, like 4.2

    I plan to try the preset, afterwards I'll run programs: HW Montior and Prime 95. Prime 95 is a 24 hour long run. So it'll take some time.
  2. I would advise both of you to read the 2500 clocking guide (Although Envy already has) and set things up manually,
    your board may overvolt the chip increasing heat and instability will happen sooner than if you set voltages manually
    what didn't match up for you Envy?
    the guide was written with some generalisations to allow for differing bioses and its often a case of figuring out what applies to your particular board, guide says disable eist or C1E and you can't find it in your bios for example because its referred to as something else in yours
  3. thats the problem i had and figured it must be better to use a preset then mess around...
  4. Well if its working and you are happy enough with it then I reckon its all good,
    maybe in the future you would revisit it and have time to 'mess around' but till then, enjoy the rig and remember to watch those temps :)
  5. Motowhatever..

    I ended up overclocking manually. It seems to be working fine at 4.2GHz. and the voltage didn't exceed 1.326V using Prime 95.
  6. Hehe, just Moto will do mate,
    nice result though
    you got reasonable temps with that?
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