I7 930 - where and when?

I thought the launch was planned for February, but I am hearing and seeing nothing. Anybody know anything about this?
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  1. Soon my dog of war, but we must wait for the 980X, BECAUSE THE 920 is still a very powerfull contender
  2. i took back my 920 back to fry's within the 15 days of purchse "because i could that and i put that guy though the ringer" they didnt have any 920's in stock thats when i learned of its replacement with the 930 which they had plenty of and for the same price. needless to say i grabbed it up but i must say for me personaly its been easier to oc the 920 on my asus rampage II gene. right now im stable at 3.8 @ 1.24 vcore

    lets get some replys going on in here i cant seem to find any info on the 930 even from intel. i guess im not looking in the right place
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