AMD Athlon II x4 631 @ 4800.08MHz - stock voltage

I don't know if I'm insane or not, but I did over clock this peace of AMD to 4800.08MHz. I was amazed aswell, since I read about this chinese guy ( that did it at 4400MHz with stock voltage. So, I decide, lets give it a try. This CPU can fly high with a price tag of £50+.
Both test where carried out for 20 minutes more o less, for safety reasons. You see, I don't have a good airflow in this old case, so, it's around 32C*, so, it really adds up to the heating up of the cores (prove in the screenshoots)

My Specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 631
Motherboard: F1A75-M PRO
RAM: Corsair 8GB 1600MHz CL9 DDR3 (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9)
PSU: OCZ 500W ModXStream Pro
GPU: nVidia 9800 GT
Heatsink: Akasa Venom Pico (AK-CC4009EP01)
Stress test: out the fav, prime 95
The cooling was done by the HEATSINK ALONE, no extra fans on the case
Waiting for this beauty:

First Test Explanation:
I decided to test out the new shiny heat sink that I got today, and Voila, it didn't heat over 46 degrees, for the whole 10 minutes, nothing at all. The temperature was jumping between 44 and 46, but not above. For safety reasons, I will not stress anymore (check the in the HWMonitor my airflow temp........

Second Test was a litter tougher, since I had to get the right bus speed, since my computer freezes after anything above 125. This time, I left ii run for 15mins, in order to see if it was a fluke, or it was capable of doing it so. It got all the way to 57 degrees but it dropped back to 56 for about 5mins (i suspect it might keep increasing). Then again, this is just the heatsink doing all the cooling.

I still don't see why the black out with bus above 125, but, i need to get it sorted.

So far, so good, if u need more test, tell me, or more prove, either way is fine. nothing longer than 20mins, I don't want to make a crisp out of my hardware with no extra fans.
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  1. I'm confused ........

    your 12v rail only 8v it is far below 5% allowed..

    min temp is 3 C....... is it LN -ed ?
  2. rdc85 said:
    I'm confused ........

    your 12v rail only 8v it is far below 5% allowed..

    min temp is 3 C....... is it LN -ed ?

    as far as I have ever seen, HW Monitor does a pretty terrible job of reporting the voltages for the PSU, I have seen mine saying it was at 3v before and I had a DMM hooked up saying 12.01v
  3. rdc85 said:
    I'm confused ........

    your 12v rail only 8v it is far below 5% allowed..

    min temp is 3 C....... is it LN -ed ?

    for the PSU, is not the 1st time that says something very rare, and for the temp 3C, if u have at full blast a 3000mph fan at idle, yh, it's pretty much possible xD
  4. mmm, this athlon is based on bulldozer 32 nm technology.

    that's why it has very good overclocking ability.

    athlon x4 which base on 45nm, have to struggle very hard to touch even 3.7-.38ghz.
  5. It's one of these 32nm Athlon II 631 chips.

    Pretty nice clocks. I suppose they did not release a full line of Phenom II and Athlon IIs because it would have made all the money spent on Bulldozer development moot. Too bad, it still would not compete with Sandy Bridge clock for clock but it would have been better than Bulldozer.

    Quite a bit of info on it if you look around.

    ~10% higher IPC than Bulldozer. Go figure.
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