SSD RAID 0 'disk read error' on windows 7 install

okay so im trying to install windows 7 on a pair of OCZ Vertex 120gb SSD's

everytime i install windows 7, once it gets to the restart point, it just comes up with 'disk read error'.

it will install fine on both SSD's by them selves, and it installs fine on a pair of 300gb raptors.. so i have no idea whats going on..

any help would be great!!

btw im using an EVGA X58 SLI LE Motherboard and an Intel Core i7 940 CPU. RAID is enabled in the BIOS and the array has been created with 128kb striping.
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  1. 1) More than likely, you will need to download the RAID drivers and install them separately during Win7 installation.

    2) Poke around here for threads on RAID for SSDs. It will save me the trouble of repeating all of the arguments against it.
  2. Windows more often than you think, usually dont like to be installed in Raid configs. It can be done, buts its really a shot in the dark occasionally.

    May I recomend getting a Revodrive? Installation will be more straightforward, and you will have even more insane speeds. Moreover, you get to keep your SSDs entirelly for media/games
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