SSDs pushing limits of SATA 6Gbps - What's next?


Just wondering if anyone knows what the future of storage interfaces holds. With SSDs starting to approach the limits of SATA 6 Gbps only a year after the first devices appeared, it seems that there will need to be a further evolution soon. Does enyone know what that might look like and when we may be able to expect it?
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  1. Revodrive in the short term, SSDs that attach directly to the PCI-e bus. There are already a couple of candidate next-gen interfaces out there.

    Now I'm going to put on my swami hat and predict - parallel interfaces. Based on the observation that what goes around comes around, or that there is nothing new under the sun. Connections were once serial. To gain more speed, they were made parallel. To overcome timing and coordination issues with very fast parallel interfaces, everything moved to the simpler and faster serial interfaces. Next step is parallel again, followed by serial...

    I personally would like to see fiber get cheap and ubiquitous. Next step will be tunable solid state lasers. Each drive in a case will negotiate its own frequency, and they will all flash lights at each other without cables. You'll have to clean the dust out of your case pretty often.
  2. Thunderbolt is double the speed of sata, but I doubt they will appear in internal solutions.
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