No AF in FSX and F9


I recently bought a new PC:

Sapphire ATI Radeon 4870x2
i7920 @ 2.66 ghz
6GB Ram ddr3
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits

I'm a fanatic flight simmer and always played fs9 (flight simulator 2004) before. After playing some other games maxed out which run great, I decided to go with FSX (flight simulator x). However I have a very annoying problem: Anisotropic filtering (see screenshot) does not work in FSX and FS9 even with the newest drivers etc (clean install!). The performance in clouds is very bad aswell which I never had with Nvidia.
I've posted this problem on the ATI forums yesterday, but the only reply was that I should report it to the catalyst crew or something (which I have done) and I didn't get any replies.
So could anyone help me with this problem? :whistle:

Screenshot, whatch the lines on the airplane this is with AF on x16 and "use application settings" turned off:

Thank you!!

P.s. Sorry for the bad English
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  1. Anyone ?
  2. Yeah, I'm really getting fed up with ATI's lack of driver fixes for FS users. There's this bug, and also the one where any panel with GDI+ gauges (a lot of addons do) gets weird lines across it that corrupt the graphics.

    You can get AF working somewhat by setting the Catalyst driver to Application Controlled and then selecting Anisotropic in FSX's settings, but you can't control the level of it - I'm pretty sure it's not doing 16X.

    I've actually spoken to someone on the driver team via phone about this stuff and they still don't fix it. Probably buying Nvidia come March when the new cards come out...
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