My CPU isn't overclocked after I took it out?

I have an i7 920. I recently cleaned out my PC with compressed air because it was dirty as hell. I took out my CPU to do this, then I put it back in.

Ever since I did that, CPU-z and Start > Computer > Properties say it's back onto default, which is 2.6 GHz. I OC'd it to 3.4 GHz.

I opened up my BIOS and all my settings are the same OC settings I used before I cleaned my CPU. Did I damage my CPU? I put everything to default then overclocked it once again to 3.4 GHz. Still says it's at 2.6 GHz :/

I have a Asus P6T motherboard and 12 gigs of RAM.

What's going on here? Was it bad for me to remove my CPU?
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  1. rest your cmos .. if you have a button on your mother board or take out the battery and reseat it .. i cant think of any other reason it would act that way.. is it a factory overclocked job or did you do it your self..

    try this
    remove the battery
    then unplug the computer and press the power button
    reseat the battery and go from there if its not showing properly it may be some other unforseen issue are you using cpu-z to check it?
  2. I overclocked it myself.

    I fixed it by messing around in BIOs. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Why on Earth would you remove the cpu to clean with a can of air? LOL
  4. im with geekapproved on this one lol
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