which hardware (cpu & ram ,...)to fit with programing vs2008
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  1. pretty much anything made since the P4 days

    though what are you doing in vs2008, school work, high performance computing
  2. ^Yes, I have Visual Studio and its a very powerful application, i don't really use it much, but it can require some serious juice depending on what you use it for. IF you are just making a simple website with some java scripting..etc then an old pentium processor is enough.
  3. Visual Studio will run fine on a pretty old machine if you only do basic stuff, the requirements are mostly down to what you want to make with it.
  4. i'll put it in perspective, i run linux on my laptop (2GHz C2D) with XP in a VM with only 1 core and 1GB of memory, and i use VS2010 beta just fine
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