Problems with a 9600gt on a 600 watt PSU

Hey guys,
To be completely honest, I'm not a computer parts wizard, but I've got a 600 watt PSU, not sure of the amps on the 12v, but I'm fairly sure it should support it, yet whenever I play a game my monitor stops receiving data and goes into power saving mode, and my audio starts repeating itself. Is this the video card over heating, a problem with my PSU, or something else? If it is caused by over heating, is there a easy way to fix it or would I need to get the card repaired? Thanks in advance
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  1. It is not a power supply problem. You would get random rebooting not this.

    Test to see if the graphics card is the problem by removing it, and trying to play a game with the integrated. It sounds like you might want to be looking into RMAing the 9600GT.

    The motherboard is another possibility. I think the ram could be too. How long have you had this system setup with the 9600GT? How long was it set up before the 9600GT?
  2. Sorry for the late response, been a little busy. I got the computer from a friend, but I've been running the system with an 8500 GT in it and it hasn't had any problems, so I'm fairly sure that the 9600 is the problem, and not the motherboard/ram.
  3. Looks like you solved your problem on your own. Good show! :)
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