Need advice on which TYPE of air-cooler will work the best on my case

Hi, I've already made a generic thread but this time I need some more specific advice on the type (or form-factor) of air-cooling that will work best considering my case, a Hyper Osiris. My CPU is a 1366 i7 975 @ 3.33 (133x25), my MoBo a Gigabyte G1 Sniper and my GPU a GTX 280 that I plan on replacing with a 580 (HOT).
I plan on doing a mild 4.2GHz overclocking (166-168MHz x 25).

The case is a mid-tower with one 120mm fan in front of the HDD bay and a 140mm fan in the 5.25" bay, both on the intake and one 120mm fan in the back plus a 120mm fan on the ceiling, both pushing air out.

I test-fitted a tower-type cooler and it turns out it will fit with literally a few mm of space from the side panel. Thus, I now have two choices:
Get a tower-type cooler like the Coolermaster 212 EVO, the 412S or the 612S (pictured bellow) plus a 120-140mm fan mounted on the side-panel blowing air in over the graphics card:

Get a small form-factor L-shaped cooler like the SilverStone Nitrogon NT06 Evolution or the Coolermaster GeminII SF524 (pictured bellow) plus a 240mm fan, blowing air in over the graphics card and the CPU.
In this case I'll probably have to remove the 140mm fan on the front as it'll just ruin the sideways airflow.

Also, I can find all of the above mentioned coolers for basically the same price (with only a negligible 5 euro difference between the cheapest and most expensive one) so which of the above would you recommend me (or perhaps another in the 35-50 euro price range).

Thank you in advance!!!
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    The configuration you described is the classic bottom front to top rear airflow for mid tower and full tower pc cases. A tall tower style cpu heatsink such as the Cooler Master 212 is usually used in this configuration.

    As you already noted the L design and the C designs are smaller. They are typically used in smaller cases where there isn't much space available. An htpc case would be one example.

    The cooling capacity of the C design and the L design is a little bit less than tower designs but they are repectable. I just order a Noctua NH-C12P SE14 with 140mm fan:

    It will be used in a Li LIAN LI Black Aluminum PC-C60B ATX Media Center / HTPC Case:

    The case is big for a htpc but that's not what my customer will use it for.

    For traditional mid tower gaming rigs I still recommend tower style cpu heatsinks. The best bang for the buck are still the Cooler Master 212 models.
  2. Thank you for your reply.

    Like I said I can find the 212 EVO, the 412S and the 612S for practically the exact same price, so price aside, which is the best performing cooler?

    I know the EVO is the newest, but is it just a better 212/212+ or does it actually offer better cooling than the older but higher end models?

    (Of course, in your experience).

    Also, if anyone could suggest a different cooler to also check for I'd also appreciate it (nothing wrong with the CMs, just to check some more is all :))

    Thank you!!!
  3. That one is a great design but so far it's not available here and even if it were, I suspect it'd go for a much higher price than the rest.

    Thank you for helping though!
  4. Zalman CNPS10X is a good cooler. These are about 5-6mm shorter than the Coolermaster Hyper 212 (and evo), and cool better.
  5. it been remove from outside the usa they where using another fan e-mail them in your country to find where you could buy it,there is also this one
  6. keeperos - I have an original Hyper 212 in my personal pc. I bought it years ago when it was first introduced. I've used it through several upgrades and it still works for me.

    scout_03 - The Cooler Master TCP 812 with two vapor chambers is an interesting development. I've read five technical reviews. The cooler is adequate. Still needs a little more improvement.
  7. Thank you guys, the Zalman look pretty good but cost about 10euro more than the CM, gonna have to check whether I can justify the extra money.

    The X6 looks amazing, also love the angle that better makes use of the bottom-to-top air flow. Not available yet though, only announced.

    Thanks so much guys!
  8. 4.2 on a 1366 975 with hyper 212 is pushing it right to the edge of its far as "bang for your buck" goes there are 2 air coolers in the mid range price im going to reccomend...

    1 EVGA superoverclock one HELL of an air cooler....a lil noisy prob with 4.2-4.4

    2 NZXT Havik 140.... for just under 50euros you'll get a cooler that matches the performance of the legendary Noctua D14 and is quiet to boot.....

    both of those go FAR beyond the capabilites of not only the 212, but anything CoolerMaster has ever made....

    but as i know well,,, sometimes money is the deciding factor
  9. you cpu need fan need to be a 4 pins to the motherboard to be pwr control so check this when you will buy new cooler
  10. badtaylorx, thank you for your reply, unfortunately I live in Greece and neither solution is available here.

    The D14 is available and it looks to be a great cooler but costs double what the 212 EVO does plus, it's already 2 years old and as a model it probably won't outlive this build (will not be able to be installed in the next build, a few years from now). With the 212 I won't mind.

    Would you happen to have a different suggestion (brand)?
  11. I am planning to make my purchase tomorrow so if by any chance you would have an additional suggestion I'd love to hear them.
    Currently I am going with the 212 EVO (unless I can find the D14 for a bit less).

    So, any other suggestions I should know of?

  12. go for the 212 evo if you could
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