GTX260 3DMark Vantage Issue

I've ran 3DMark after I put in my XFX GTX260 XXX, only to see that I don't get more than ~8000-9000 points for the GPU. This seems fairly low to me as other users get 2-3x more points with the same setup.

I have a Phenom II 955, so I doubt it's a bottlenecking problem.

Any suggestions / information would be appreciated.
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  1. How does it do in games?

    Don't put to much stock in 3DMark.
    It is just a benchmark after all and it is not like you can play it....
  2. I get a steady 91fps in CoD4, at 1280x1024 with max settings.
    It's just that I have no idea how much I had with my previous card. (=
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