Little help with OC'ing Q8300, please.

Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5Ghz
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
Corsair XMS3 4GB 1333Mhz

I have tried to OC my cpu couple of days ago, i have managed to get it upto only 2.8Ghz. I did this by changing the FSB. Changed it from 333 to 374- cause apparently 333x7.5=2500, so 374x7.5=2.800. Cause i read somewhere that by changing the FSB, that highers the frequency which basically means "overclocking" 

Is that the correct method of OC'ing?

I also read that post, first page, that locked post 'Overclocking and Bench marking Guide'
It said something about memory modules:
"You will need memory that can keep up with your overclocked system." "Simply divide it by 4 to get the maximum FSB speed for which the module is rated. Example: 1333/4 = 333MHz. Therefore, DDR3-1333 can work on systems with a FSB of up to 333MHz (anything more and you’re lucky)"

Those two lines really got me worried. Does that mean what i did to my cpu (changed the fsb to 374) is wrong because the max fsb of my memory is 333?
Also, my CPU cooler, is it good enough to get my CPU to atleast 3.2Ghz?

Please help. I really want to learn and to avoid upgrading right now as i have no money dedicated for system upgrade.

Sorry it was so long, wanted to explain as clearly and ask as much as possible in one go.
Thanks in advanced.
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More about little q8300 please
  1. Here is a guide which is directed toward your CPU (that general age group).
    As far as where your cooler will get you, that will depend on a few factors including the ability of your CPU.
    If you set your ratios too far off, and manage to boot, you'll simply be creating your own artificial bottleneck - you would want to avoid that
  2. 2.8 GHz is actually better than average for a G41 motherboard. I have three G41's running office systems and the best one only goes to 362 Mhz.

    Your motherboard is the limiting factor here. The G41 is an economy chipset with a limited FSB freq.
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