Not sure if this is a Mobo Problem or an OS Issue.
I have heard AVAST anti virus mentioned in a couple of forums causing weird things.

CPU Fail warning. Message appears at random times maybe once or twice a
When this happens sometimes you get a chance to say ignore and it will carry
on working till you switch off.
Other times it just freezes, a reset and all is well ...went to the BIOS to
check temperature but at 40C nothing to worry about.

Why do I get a message when at the BIOS I have CPU Fail warning turned = off?
I don't think I was getting this message when I was running W7 64bit RC.
Have swapped CPU stock cooler with Arctic Cooler v7 rev 2
Also swapped 750W PSU with a brand new 850W.
Not using that much power to be honest.

Et6 from Gigabyte seems to make things worse.Various fan speeds have been
reported by ET6 so I have totally removed it from the system.
I have now turned off all FAN warnings including CoolNQuiet at the Bios but
the issue remains.
Also turned the Core voltage down from 1.35V to 1.25V ...same problem.
Have turned off all scrensavers and power saving utilities at the OS.
Any ideas would be welocme.


Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P
Phenom II X4 955 CPU
Arctic Cooler v7 rev 2
Windows 7 64bit
Office 2010
Avast Anti Virus

Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P and Phenom II X4 955 CPU
Arctic Cooler v7 rev 2
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Ur rig reboots every 2 hours? Because if the answers is "yes" u need change ur Win 7 RC for a full operative version.
  2. ...from Microsoft:

    The Windows 7 RC expires on June 1, 2010. Starting on March 1, 2010, PCs running Windows 7 RC began shutting down every two hours.

    If you're still running the RC, your PC will continue shutting down every two hours and your files won't be saved during shutdown. In addition, your wallpaper will change to a solid black background with a persistent message on your desktop. You'll also get periodic notifications that Windows isn't genuine. That means your PC may no longer be able to obtain optional updates or downloads requiring genuine Windows validation.

    To avoid interruption, please reinstall a prior version of Windows or move to Windows 7. In either case, you'll need to do a custom (clean) install to replace the RC. As with any clean installation, you'll need to back up your data then reinstall your applications and restore the data.

    Thanks again for helping us test Windows 7.
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