No video input or output bad video card?

Had same problem - no input. Tried new Video Card. At least Windows tried to start, however when Windows tries to start, goes in circles back to start in Safe Mode Option Screen, try to start in Safe Mode (or any other mode), just goes in circles.
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  1. ??????????
    Maybe Windows problem. Hard to tell better description needed!
  2. i have similar problems - last night was using the pc, dual monitor setup when bam screen goes black. Rebooted - i can hear the HDD working, but on my monitor it says "No Video Input" so i can't see POST - i hear the windows chime turn on, my keyboard caps lock can be toggled but no display - rebooting did not work, same as above

    i've reseated ram, components, tried video card on another pc - worked - tried monitor with another pc - worked
    disconnected all power except for boot drive, video and normal motherboard connectors

    reset cmos, remove battery,

    same effect- i know it is booting, ram test with mobo elicits the right number of beeps
    scoured the web for answers, it turns out this seems to be a common problem but no common solution -
    only thing i haven't tried is replacing ram

    so posting it here in case some of ya might have an idea or two to check out

    my system core i7-920, 6GB RAM, ATI4850, Win 7 64 home premium, 400W power supply
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