CPU problem.

So about a month ago I started having issues with my computer. Everything would slow down, and become choppy, even the sound. In the task manager CPU#1 is working at 100% and CPU#2 is working at 0%. Then both of them will just not work and go to 0% thats when my comp freezes completely.
So I looked into it and knew it wasn't RAM or anything to do with hard drives because I swapped them out and tried working ones. So I figured its my motherboard(EVGA 680i SLI), so I rma'd that and got a new one that worked for about a week. then the same exact problem occured. I am pretty sure its my CPU, but i don't want to buy another expensive one without consulting some pro's lol.

CPU is intel e6600 core 2 duo.
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  1. what are you running at the time? Install any new programs or updates lately?

    Try running prime 95, if that fails then its likely a CPU issue.
  2. It happens no matter what I run. I could be playing a video game, browsing the internet, or even loading up windows or even the bios.
  3. Are you sure that your not infected by some virus that eats up the CPU load? Try checking the task manager and see if what processes have the most cpu usage (except system idle process, of course).
  4. Yeah I am sure. There is nothing taking up an extraordinary amount of CPU, and I've used working hard drives and the same error occurs. Also my comp will freeze sometimes before i can even reach loading windows.
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