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Hey guys,
first i'd like to say thanks for reading this and hopefully someone will be able to help me out.
when i got my computer 3 years ago i was able to overclock but after a few months it would crash and i would have to set bios to default in order for it to work.
now, when im saying over clocking i mean slightly overclocking my q6600 quad core from 2.4 to 2.8
anyhow i didn't bother overclocking it for a long time and then i bought this new video card (evga geforce 560 ti 2gb)
and decided lets give it a go and over clock it so i did and it keeps crashing when it loads the windows logo.

when i keep it stock it loads windows and all is well. but when i try and overclock it even a little it loads the windows logo and then restarts it self over and over and over.

my system specs are

antec 1200 gamer power supply
geforce 560ti
evga 780 sli motherboard
8gb of gskill ram 1066
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    Its probably because your CPU isnt getting enough VOltage. Happens to me when I try to overclock my I5 2500K and set the Voltage too low, after loading Windows RIGHT before logon it crashes BSOD with message on a Hardware Error. Try to increase the voltage very slightly by very small increments until it boots properly. Good luck!
  2. yep added voltage and everything works fine :)
    thanks a lot for the help!!!
  3. sure thing!
  4. ronsxi - I hope u have another pc for this time, but if not I have same CPU and I am runing 3.5GHz with 70c...about 35% performance improvement over stock 2.4GHz...if u are interested let me know
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